English readers


Lover of dragons
A mind drifting in stories
Come, fly free with me.
by Ursula Visser

Dragon Queen series (rebrand covers)
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What readers say about
the Dragon Queen Series:

‘I needed to sleep, but couldn’t…’

‘This series is so wonderful, I want to read all of her books.’

‘I captured Mara in my heart!’

In this series:

Dragon Heart

Published August 2021

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Dragon Bond
To be published 1st October 2021

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The original first three books:

Original published in three book novella’s now in the Dragon Heart collection.

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The Origins of Yana Paisley

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What readers say about The Origins of Yana Paisley:

‘ It’s a well written book with a lot of secrets, twists and turns and also with great characters you will love or dislike (if not hate).’

‘Keep those awesome stories coming lady!’
A secret mission to Planet Earth

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What readers say about Terra Nova:

Ursula did such a marvelous job with Terra Nova that I honesty wish it hadn’t ended.’

‘I want to know more about this world!’ 

Welcome readers!

Pleased to meet you, and welcome! My name is Ursula Visser. I was born in spring of 1968, in the most eastern part of The Netherlands, and I still live there with my partner.

I adore dragons, mystic creatures and the magic realms of fantasy books. Sci-fi books give me an interesting look in the future, and sometimes I wish I could time-travel, just to see what will happen.

Writing is my passion. My books are available in Dutch and English.



Genre: Historic Fantasy
British English
Two serie short story

Set in 980 AD Scandinavia, two brothers Erik and Harald, grow up in Vintervarg. Whatever happens in that isolated village, the consequences reach far beyond the borders.

These two short-stories have elements of historic myths and legends, but have not been written with the intention to be accurate in the sense of known history.


and other stories

Genre: Mixed Horror, fantasy
British English
Collection of shorter stories

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