Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart is de gebundelde versie van de eerste drie boeken uit de Dragon Queen series (Blood Curse, Blood Rivals en Blood Magic). Deze nieuwe versie komt op 1 augustus 2021 uit.

Datum e-book: 1 augustus 2021, te bestellen bij Kobo en Amazon.
Paperback: 1 augustus 2021 € 16,95 via Amazon.de

verwacht 2021

‘May the curse hunt you until eternity.’

Mara is cursed. Infected by the blood of a dragon. It is expected she will soon become mad, like the unfortunate others before her. Banned from her home, and everything she knows, Mara’s future looks lonely and bleak – if she has one at all.

The Queen’s order to participate in an annual tournament – the Dragonder – gives Mara a chance to escape the oppressive isolation and a miserable existence. She is determined to fight her enemies – and herself.
Does Mara have the strength to embrace her Dragon Heart, or will everything she is, was and hoped to be, fall apart?

Banned. Cursed. Resilient.
Dragon Heart is a compelling tale of friendship, strength and perseverance.

Followers of The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey will enjoy this!

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